Vadim & Anna

I had a special connection with Vadim & Anna – not only because the couple and I are very much alike, but also because they are one of the coolest and most relaxed couples I have ever seen. 
They have not only fallen in love with the romantic landscapes in Italy but decided to also celebrate their love in beautiful Garda. Lake Garda is for sure one of the most known lakes of Italian Lakes District. It is located between Veneto and Lombardy regions and it is the biggest Italian Lake. It has a great wonderful appeal and it was sure a wonderful wedding destination.
Anna’s and Vadim’s wedding day was warm, sunny, and full of joy and laughter.
Here we enjoyed and captured wonderful nature: cypresses, lemon trees and olive groves, gardens, parks, impressive view over the sky and the waters. 
My dear Vadim & Anna, it was an honor to get to know you and photograph your big day! Hope to see you again soon in Italy!