Magdalena & Wouter

Italy it is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world. 


That's why Magdalena and Wouter have choose this country for their destination wedding and have got married surrounded by very few loved ones, in one of the most romantic places par excellence. Magda  is from Poland, Wouter is from Netherlands, they live in UK, but dreamed of an intimate wedding on the shores of Lake Como and so, they set off to make a dream come true. Being an intimate wedding, only 18 guests, it was incredibly emotional and beautiful wedding and everyone was able to stay at the same address. You guys made everyone feel so welcome, thank you.


Magda and Wouter was getting ready at the hotel Garni Corona wich offers a panorama that they will be cherished in their memories. From here, the view of the lake is simply breathtaking. Bridal preparation is the one of the most romantic part of the wedding day with all of those emotions between the obvious moments and connections between people. Here were are multiple stories going on at the same time and it was a personal challenge to capture those amazing moments, layering various stories in a single photo.


The ceremony took place by the water at the Villa del Balbianello - one of the most evocative places in the world, set amongst magnificent nature with the most enchanting Como lake view. The promises were something indescribable: the emotion in their eyes, the tears, the joy.


We took a boat just before sunset, in time for the last photos and the last stop was the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, where the bride and groom ended the day with a candlelit dinner in the fabulous restaurant with dark wood panels and huge windows overlooking terrace which create a dramatic atmosphere and beautiful light.

I loved every minute of this intimate celebration, from the first look in the fern-flecked Italian garden, to the moving ceremony, to the relaxing dinner around the imperial table overlooking the lake.


After coming back we took informal documentary photographs capturing their wedding day as it happened with little interruption for small number of family groups and a couple of relaxed portraits of them both together on their special day.


Невеста из Польши, а жених из Нидерландов, проживает пара в Англии. Вот почему я обожаю свою работу! За возможность встречаться с такими историями любви, быть причастным к этому волшебству и наблюдать столько разных культур в одной большой семье!

И кого не обрадует перспектива уехать в какое-нибудь уникальное и волшебное место, чтобы обменяться клятвами?

То, что я люблю в выездных свадебных съемках, это чувство приключения, которое связывает всех: и гостей, и пару, и нашу команду.  Это было именно то, что я чувствовал в течение всего дня, который я провел с этой удивительной парой и их гостями.

Я сомневаюсь, что есть более романтичная обстановка для свадьбы, чем озеро Комо. Я действительно самый счастливый человек, так как был свадебным фотографом на знаменитой вилле Villa Balbianello с видом на озеро Комо.

Спасибо Магде и Воутеру за то, что доверили мне самый волшебный день в их жизни! 


Magdalena & Wouter

The bride is from Poland while the groom is from Netherlands, they are from England. And who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of going somewhere unique and gorgeous to exchange vows? What I love of a destination wedding is the feeling of adventure that binds all the participants and this was exactly what I felt during the day I spent with this amazing couple and their guests.

I doubt if there is a more breath-taking or romantic setting for a wedding than Lake Como. I really am the luckiest person being a Villa Balbianello wedding photographer.

Our ceremony and photo session took place by taking advantage of the most beautiful corners of the garden of this beautiful and famous villa overlooking Lake Como. Than it was time to come back for a intimate dinner with thier guests. They have chosen Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como as location for their emotional wedding party. Arriving at Villa Balbianello by boat truly is the only way to appreciate this lakeside wedding venue. After the ceremony 2 boats, one for the newlywedds and the other one for their guests are ready to reach the hotel. The wedding party and this amazing wedding day was over with the romantic moment of cake cutting and dance.

I could not be more grateful to be with Magda and Wouter this Big day!

Wedding photographer - Andrei Vox
Postproduction - Andrei Vox