Prior to your Big Day I'd like to give you same recommendations on wedding photoshoot. 

  • At first don’t try to pose and look at the camera all the time! If you be in the moment and in love with each other - the pictures will turn out smashing! And how wouldn't you like to look up at the camera unless the photographer asks you, try don’t stop what you are doing for the best journalistic shots. So, the best thing you have to do is relax and act naturally. 
  • As to photography trends it's important your wedding images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation. Look for a photographer with a classic journalistic shooting style and be wary of too much photoshop in his works.
  • Сhoose the afternoon time for your photoshoot because the late-day sun gives warm glow to your skin. And you should stick to your schedule to not being late and not break the images.
  • Don’t forget the details and decide what wedding elements are important to photograph. Tell your photographer about all the lovely detail you've got planned for the big day. List what additional photos are important to you (special people, sentimental objects/accessories, etc). Bring an extra invitation and others special wedding elements to capture them in memory.
  • One more thing is you should be sure you get along with your photographer. Hire someone who's a professional, experienced and reputable not just anyone with a digital camera and a website. 
  • I would suggest asking your guests don't take wedding pictures. They usually make us miss our shots! 
  • And one more thing: why don't you explain how you like to look in photos? (Send the photographer one photo of yourself that you like and one that you don't). After all beauty is really very subjective and this allows your photographer to get a better understanding of you.
  • I would recommend don't focusing too much on taking photos. You don't have wedding every day and you and your groom should enjoy every moment of this day. Don't be a bundle of nerves about taking many photos or trying to make things perfect. This is your photographer's and wedding planner's job! Have fun and keep smiling.
  • Some couples want to save their money for second photographer on the wedding day. But it's a big mistake! Two or more photographers can offer another unique points of view during the wedding day. I advise to consider that. 
  • As for the time of beginning of the photoshoot how about starting in 2 hours in advance so the photographer will have enough time for taking pictures of bride's getting ready and for portraits of bride and groom alone. 
  • If it rains, I will suggest several beautiful places for taking pictures  like terraces, cafes, restaurants… As an alternative I can offer to book a photo studio. In addition you can take a beautiful umbrella! Keep in mind if you are in a fine mood no rainfall will spoil the photos!
  • Last thing you should remember is if you find a great photographer, book him! Good photographers book a year or more in advance.