Alina & Vitaly

What an emotional and beautiful wedding day in Germany you had, Alina and Vitaly!

 The sun shine on Alina and Vitaly for their special day at the wedding venue. Let’s just say it was a party from the moment the day began! It is very sweet to see a bride and groom surrounded by so many friends and so much love on their biggest day! 


Alina and Vitaly booked us for their wedding in Wiesbaden and the wedding day was the second time they got us.

The ceremony was in the classic white church. We heard heart warming speeches and after the rings had been switched and tears had run we left the temple to celebrate in summer heat.

In the early evening the bridal pair and their guests took place a reception outside at the Hotel to enjoy a great dinner with personal and lovely speeches. We heard awesome songs for all guests accompanied by a great band!


Dear Alina, Dear Vitaliy, thank you for making this great summer day in Bayern unforgettable!

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