• More 10 years of experience in wedding photography
  • Member of Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, SOCIETY, Best of Wedding Photography and MyWed.
  • Within 7 years best wedding agencies in Europe trust me to capture their weddings.
  • TOP 3 in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany of MyWed 
  • TOP 5 in Austria of Fearless Photographers,
  • MyWed Award 2013 and 2014 finalist
  • Wedding magazine award “Best photographer” for professionals in wedding industry 2015 finalist.
  • ISPWP Awards finalist 2016

Andy Vox 

Destination wedding photographer

Founder and chief photographer of ANDYVOX Studio

I'm a wedding & family photographer available to cover beautiful and stylish weddings and events worldwide. The way I work is stylish, very romantic, storytelling and documentary, focusing on spontaneous moments and real emotions. 


A photo allows you to keep in mind life’s subtle moments and make then tangible… A wedding photography is a figurative, very intimate and authentic form of art. So every time I have set myself the task of conveying not only the beauty and exceptionality of every couple but also those breathtaking moments and details which make your heart skip the beat in happiness. There will be nothing more beautiful than that for me.


My clients are stylish and successful people who want to have not just a picture but a true story of their live event filled with pure emotions. My goal is to depict any moment with a maximum of naturalness and beauty.


I might as well introduce myself briefly. My name is Andy, I'm a founder and chief photographer in this studio. I like traveling, nature, and open spaces where I can breathe deeply. I like to guess the stories behind the people I meet on the street; I love stroking my cat and spending evenings watching a good movie with my family.  


I have a sweet tooth. I love cuddling and being in love but also crying out of true love. I am the father of two adorable monsters, I love cooking for them, taking them to the beach and seeing the progress they had made so far. I love traveling with my lovely wife, I wish I could do it more. I would die to travel by teleporting and I wish I could speak all the languages in the world.

I smile and laugh a lot! I am quite lucky with the sun, even if it’s just for the time of the outdoor ceremony, but you can count on me for sunny weddings!


More than 10 years into this and I'm still growing and producing our very best work to date. Even after all this time, I feel it — that same rush of blood to the head, that purpose, that sheer love of this crazy, wonderful thing I do.

I always say I'm lucky to keep most of our clients as friends, but I should mention it too, how proud I am of our team and our teamwork.

I’ll take care of your memories so that your emotions will safely reach your children and grandchildren.