I'm a wedding & fashion photographer and chief photographer of ANDYVOX studio available to cover beautiful and stylish weddings and events worldwide. 
I capture all shootings in Andyvox studio by myself but I can build a big team with an assistant, a second photographer and videographers. It depends on how many guests are you expecting and on your wishes and tasks. 


Our style is a creative blend of elegant classic portraiture with fashion photography touch and documentary photojournalism.
But also our job as your wedding photographers is to artistically document the day as events unfold, to tell the true story of how beautiful and emotional your wedding day was.
We do want to take care of your memories so that your emotions will safely reach your children and grandchildren. 
Our goal is make you relive things that you remember like it was yesterday when you receive your photos and see parts of your wedding that you didn’t get a chance to experience due to the busy schedule of the day. 


We prefer to combine blending with the background and classical posing with fashion tones. 
During moments when events are happening, we stay out of the way and capture the moments as they unfold. But we may ask you to step into better lighting or to move for the best pose, but we will never stage a photo of an event that we believe would otherwise never happen.
We really value your experience above all. If you’re searching for photography with meaning, images that capture you at your best you've found the right photography studio. 
We'd love to be your guide, as we join together to create timeless, artistic heritage for you and the people you love.


    If you believe we might be a good fit please contact us via Email, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram. I can’t wait to hear your love story and create something beautiful together!




Our mission is creating images with a deeper meaning —images without a shelf-life. Something more than a trendy glossy for a passing season. I wanted to capture that which endures.


WE ARE NOT JUST A LOCAL BUSINESS. WE TRAVEL THROUGHOUT EUROPE AND WORLDWIDE. We love all destination weddings and we're happy to travel with you. 

Europe is a popular spot for destination weddings and many of our clients come here from all corners of the world. 
We look forward to discussing all lovely details of your wedding plans tougether!


More than 12 years into this and I'm still growing and producing our very best work to date. Within 9 years best wedding planners in Europe trust me to capture their weddings.
Even after all this time, I feel it — that same rush of blood to the head, that purpose, that sheer love of this crazy, wonderful thing I do.
I always say I'm lucky to keep most of our clients as friends, but I should mention it too, how proud I am of our team and our teamwork.

  • Member of Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, SOCIETY, Best of Wedding Photography and MyWed.
  • TOP 3 in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany of MyWed 
  • TOP 5 in Austria of Fearless Photographers,
  • MyWed Award 2015 and 2016 finalist
  • Wedding magazine award “Best photographer” for professionals in wedding industry 2015 finalist.
  • ISPWP Awards finalist 2017